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b. 1980, Greece

Nikos Aslanidis Biography

In his oil paintings, Nikos Aslanidis works almost exclusively with the motif of the human figure. He transforms the classical genre of the portrait in all of its possible facets and formats. His situations are rarely clearly defined by a description of space or the suggestion of objects. Rather, the figures remain in a certain state of vagueness, giving the viewer a feeling of unease.

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Born in 1980 in Giannitsa, Greece, the artist follows an intuitive process in the production of his work. His portraits show figures composed of fragments of images and memories. Characterisations, actions, and attributes are constantly rethought, discarded and revised. One can recognise this process within the images themselves. The figures appear in an ambiguous state. Time, movement, and space flow into each other. Whether this is a state of dissolution or becoming remains unclear. And this is precisely the secret Aslanidis' paintings use to captivate their viewers. Nikos Aslanidis studied from 1999 to 2004 at the Institute of Fine and Applied Arts, Aristotle University Thessaloniki, and was a guest lecturer at the same from 2010 to 2011. He lives and works in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Text courtesy Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art.

Nikos Aslanidis Featured Artworks

Bearing the Arm by Nikos Aslanidis contemporary artwork
Nikos AslanidisBearing the Arm, 2016–2017Oil on linen
120 x 80 cm
Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art Contact Gallery
The Dress (Alchemist) by Nikos Aslanidis contemporary artwork
Nikos AslanidisThe Dress (Alchemist), 2015–2016Oil on linen
165 x 90 cm
Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art Contact Gallery

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