Daniel Arsham at UCCA Dune


Against the backdrop of the natural, geological features of UCCA Dune, Daniel Arsham: Sands of Time stages recent sculptures and related drawings that expand upon his fascination with history, relics of the past, and idea of a 'fictional archeology.'

Daniel Arsham at UCCA Dune

Daniel Arsham, Sands of Time, UCCA Dune, Aranya Gold Coast, Beidaihe (11 July–10 October 2021). Courtesy UCCA Center for Contemporary Art.

Artist Profile Daniel Arsham

Daniel Arsham is a Cleveland-born New York-based interdisciplinary artist whose artistic endeavours extend beyond traditional art world platforms. His art plays with the concept of future history and fictional archaeology, presenting fossilised

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Institution UCCA

UCCA Center for Contemporary Art is China’s leading contemporary art institution. Committed to the belief that art can deepen lives and transcend boundaries, UCCA presents a wide range of exhibitions, public programs, and research initiatives

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