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transmediale Artistic Director Kristoffer Gansing Looks Back Ocula Conversation transmediale Artistic Director Kristoffer Gansing Looks Back Terence Sharpe, Berlin

Kristoffer Gansing traces eight years of change at Berlin's digital media and culture festival transmediale, as his final iteration as artistic director, End to End , opens 28 January.

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Taipei Lowdown: Shows to See Ocula Report Taipei Lowdown: Shows to See Tessa Moldan, Taipei

As Taipei Dangdai returns for its second edition between 17 and 19 January 2020 at the Nangang Exhibition Center, a selection of exhibitions across the city confirm Taipei as one of the region's most exciting art hubs.

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Images from Abroad: Lada Nakonechna at Galerie EIGEN + ART Ocula Insight Images from Abroad: Lada Nakonechna at Galerie EIGEN + ART Phoebe Blatton, Berlin

Images from abroad , Lada Nakonechna's solo exhibition at Galerie EIGEN + ART in Berlin, considers the barriers that exist between depictions of conflict and their viewers.

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b. 1980, Germany

Johannes Wald Biography

Johannes Wald (b. 1980, Germany) work examines sculpture, deconstructing its general parameters and the necessary tenets of its existence. His works embody Wald’s musings about his self image as an artist, 'a conceptual artist, dreaming of becoming a real sculptor'. His production reflects on the materialization of immaterial concepts and develops leaving the works in an intermediate phase: hollows, omissions and shortcomings compose its delicate poetic language, letting the material radiate a sense of instability. Connecting with the frailest and doubtful part of human being, Johannes Wald take issue not only with the classical sculptural techniques but also with the identity of the artist and his ability to express feelings and emotions in terms of material shapes, subjected to the eternal becoming and the constant change of state.

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Johannes Wald (b. 1980, Sindelfingen, Germany), lives and works in Berlin. His work has been exhibited in museums, institutions and private galleries such as: Kulturhaus Schwartzsche Villa (Berlin, 2019), Daniel Marzona (Berlin, 2019; 2016), Justizzentrum Bochum (Bochum, 2018), Rolando Anselmi (Rome, 2018), Galerie Greta Meert (Brusselles, 2015; 2012), Kunsthalle Bielefeld (Bielefeld, 2015; 2012), Museum Kurhaus Kleve (Kleve, 2014), Staatliche Kunstsammlung Dresden (Dresda, 2013), Konrad Fisher Galerie (Düsseldorf, 2012; Berlin, 2011, 2010), Hans-Peter-Zimmer-Stiftung (Düsseldorf, 2017; 2013), Projektraum Bethanien (Berlin 2017), Simultanhalle (Köln, 2017), Landesvertretung BW (Berlin, 2017), KIT x (Düsseldorf, 2016), Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven (Wilhelmshaven, 2014), Hans-Ostsächsische Kunsthalle (Pulsnitz, 2013), Skulpturenpark Köln (Cologne, 2013; 2011), V8-Plattform (Karlsruhe, 2013), Kunsthalle Mannheim (Mannheim, 2012), Städtische Galerie (Sindelfingen, 2011), Johann König Galerie (Berlin, 2011).

Johannes Wald Featured Artworks

Stade du miroir by Johannes Wald contemporary artwork
Johannes WaldStade du miroir, 2019Glass from a studio window, silver from an ancient coin
31 x 50.5 x 0.4 cm
Rolando Anselmi Enquire about this work
Untitled (shown as: Nu descendant un escalier) by Johannes Wald contemporary artwork
Johannes WaldUntitled (shown as: Nu descendant un escalier), 2014Plaster, rope, wire, aluminium
130 x 40 x 50 cm
Galerie Greta Meert Enquire about this work

Johannes Wald Recent Exhibitions

Contemporary art exhibition, Johannes Wald, Giovanni Bosco at Rolando Anselmi, Rome
30 January–3 March 2018 Johannes Wald Giovanni Bosco Rolando Anselmi, Rome

Johannes Wald Represented By

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