Marco Lodola Biography

Marco Lodola was born in 1955 in Pavia; he attends the Fine Arts Academy of Florence and Milan.
He starts his career at the beginnings of the 80s near to the New Futurism trend, a movement thought by Renato Barilli. In 1994 Lodola exhibits his artworks in China, in the ex-archives of the Imperial City of Beijing.
He collaborates with several musicians, as Max Pezzali (a famous italian singer), and Jovanotti and makes the scenographies for theatre, cinema and television.
Lodola’s art is comfortable relaxing and appropriate to every age. Is thought to be used by a different public, and not just by the people of the “art-world”. In this sense is possible to say that this art isn’t an elite art but a “popular”art, that has to be with the real people. His artworks must go outside of the galleries and the museums in order to be in the houses of common people. Only in these places they can be themselves and do their function, that is to amuse and to move real people.

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