b. 1956, Japan

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In 1988, Muda presented The Land of Sherpa his first private exhibition, featuring photographs he took during his stay in the Himalayan village of Sherpa. He later traveled around the world to capture images of various Japanese, Romanesque and Byzantine art, as well as Buddhist ruins such as Chinese cave art, the Borobudur, Angkor and Ajanta. Using 'Spaces for Prayer, Forms of Prayer' as a theme, he displayed them through photo exhibitions and publications. Muda has also exhibited numerous photographs as fine art with a focus on 'light' and 'presence', including Rome, The Wall of Time, F_ace of Iron_ and Portraits of Poli, in which he depicts Poli, a medieval Italian town in the mountains.

Tomohiro Muda Featured Artworks

M-07 by Tomohiro Muda contemporary artwork works on paper, photography, installation
Tomohiro MudaM-07, 2014Silver ground six-panel folding screen, inkjet print on washi paper
150 x 225 cm
√K Contemporary Contact Gallery
Mizu 01 (Water 01) by Tomohiro Muda contemporary artwork photography, print
Tomohiro MudaMizu 01 (Water 01), 2011Inkjet pigment print
31.5 x 47.25 cm
√K Contemporary Contact Gallery
CK-01 by Tomohiro Muda contemporary artwork photography
Tomohiro MudaCK-01Photographic print, framed
120 x 174.3 cm
√K Contemporary Contact Gallery

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