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Born in 1956 in Avellino, Italy. He lives and works in Milano and S. Nazzaro/Benevento, Italy. In 1976, he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome where he graduated in 1980. In 1981, he moved to Milan. Important galleries and foreign institutions exhibit his work: gallery Tanit-Munich, Buchmann gallery in Basel, la maison de la culture in Bonn (Bonner Kunstverein ), Ingrid Raab in Berlin, Maeght-Lelong in Paris, Studio Guenzani in Milan, PAC in Milan, Edward Totah Gallery in London, Art Museum Fukuyama in Japan, Kodama Gallery in Osaka, le centre d'art contemporain La Ferme du Buisson in Marne la Vallée, Noisiel, La Galleria Civica in la Palazzina, dei Giardini in Modène, La Galleria Civica d'Art contemporain de Trente, la Galerie der Stadt in Stuttgart, le Café Florian in Venice, le musée d'Art Moderne (Réfectoire des Jacobins) in Toulouse, Alice Pauli gallery in Lausanne, Lorenzelli Arte in Milan, Galerie Kaj Forsblom in Helsinki.

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"Spaces: from landscape to still life? The passage from the first definition of a natural space, still concise according to the models of the models of a landscape tradition that is romantic in origin - the disturbed space of feeling, from a panic adhesion to a nature seen not as a portion of an unrepresentable whole, but as a cosmic totality present in every particular, to the conception of a closed space, of a room which seems to be the drawing up of the angles of a memory which, this time, is a completely private and personal ("A Room for the whole journey"). [...]"

Walter Guadagnini, Notes for an Essay on Arcangelo, the primitive and other questions, Segno monografie, Pescara 1997, note 7, p. 34

Arcangelo is a painter who prefers to manage the "too much" rather than the "too little". His work represents more than a painting in the traditional sense, it's a drama, a staging of conflicting evidence. This led him to become interested in the southern part of the world, that's why he puts Africa at the heart of his travels and he probably made ​​this cradle of humanity on center of his pictorial expression. In 2003 and 2007, he published a monograph in two large volumes bringing together all of its production the eighties. He also made many artist books duet with Italian poets. Arcangelo is an artist from the campaign (Benevento), full of strength and seditious ability to "go beyond"; Beyond the themes and conventions of the West, beyond the fixed styles of a figurative self-centered and repetitive culture.

Text courtesy Galerie Tanit.

Arcangelo Featured Artworks

Seconda Stanza by Arcangelo contemporary artwork
ArcangeloSeconda Stanza, 1994Mixed media
51 x 44 cm
Galerie Tanit Contact Gallery

Arcangelo Represented By

Galerie Tanit contemporary art gallery in Munich, Germany Galerie Tanit Munich, Beirut

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