David Mutch Biography

David Mutch conveys a sense of overwhelming and endless space – in both landscapes and the many different representations of ‘outer space’ in popular culture – utilising the mediums of photography, video and installation. These spaces are often punctuated by the presence of a human which prompts us to question the roles of creator, hero, or observer. These ideas are developed further in Mutch’s sound recordings and performances as ‘Glass Bricks.’ Mutch has exhibited extensively in Melbourne art spaces, including Platform Contemporary Art Spaces (2013), West Space (2010, 2012), ARTbeat (2011), Rear View (2011), Seventh (2010), Kings ARI (2010) and Blindside (2009). In 2008 Mutch was awarded the City of Melbourne Young Artists Grant. In 2013 he is an artist in residence at Red Gate Gallery, Beijing.

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