b. 1977, Poland

Gregor Gleiwitz Biography

Gregor Gleiwitz is a contemporary German artist recognised for his small and large-scale explorations of the painterly medium, focusing on texture, surface, colour, and form and line.

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Early Years

Born in Poland, Gleiwitz studied in Germany at the Kunstakademie Mainz (2000) and the Kunstakademie Münster (2003).

Gregor Gleiwitz Artworks

Gregor Gleiwitz's oil paintings are characterised by their titles, named with the dates of their completion, and saturated colours that morph into dynamic forms. Created by scratching or scraping paint across the canvas, these forms oscillate between figuration and abstraction, adopting almost tangible bodies without becoming completely concrete.


The manipulation of paint in Gleiwitz's paintings gives rise to possibly recognisable images, while remaining ambiguous. Sweeping horizontally across the canvas, the force of red in 11.11.2014 may evoke a storm or a massive creature against the background of brown and grey, while the soft undulations of white at the top in 13.11.2014 resemble the sky and a hovering presence underneath it (both 2014).


Many of Gleiwitz's paintings suggest surprisingly corporeal forms, made by pushing or scraping the paint around into curves, ribbon-like lines, and gorges. The varying density of paint within a single canvas establishes depth and dimensionality, while the faint streaks of paint left by the artist's gestures are reminiscent of blurred memories. The interplay of form and colour can be found in paintings such as 10.06.2020, dominated by shades of blue, or 27.05.2020, which evokes an entanglement of bodies and limbs in bright orange, violet, blue, green, and yellow (both 2020).

Gleiwitz also creates paintings that could almost be described as portraits, featuring distinctly human-like heads that quickly dissolve into their background. One figure appears in profile or in the midst of turning their head away in 06.10.2021 (2021), the round brushstrokes of their form contrasting with the verticality of browns and yellows in the background. In another painting, titled 31.03.2020 (2020), individual brushstrokes wrapping around the scalp suggest hair, while an almond-shaped eye peers out of the long face consisting of blue, white, pink, and shades of brown.


Gregor Gleiwitz has exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions internationally.

Solo exhibitions include Monstera – I'm sitting on the edge of my eye, SETAREH, Düsseldorf (2019); On the brink of the eye, NAMproject, Milan (2017); Predator, HUS Gallery, London (2014).

Group exhibitions include elective affinities, SETAREH, Düsseldorf (2022); Jetzt! Junge Malerei in Deutschland, Kunstmuseum Bonn (2019); By the River, ACME, Los Angeles (2017); TRANSECTION/Hello! Palagkas Temporary, London (2013).

Website and Instagram

Gleiwitz's website can be found here, and his Instagram can be found here.

Sherry Paik | Ocula | 2022

Gregor Gleiwitz Featured Artworks

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20.11.2021 by Gregor Gleiwitz contemporary artwork painting
Gregor Gleiwitz 20.11.2021, 2021 Oil on canvas
118.9 x 139.7 cm
SETAREH Contact Gallery
25.08.2021 by Gregor Gleiwitz contemporary artwork painting
Gregor Gleiwitz 25.08.2021, 2021 Oil on canvas
36.2 x 29.7 cm
SETAREH Contact Gallery
02.10.2021 by Gregor Gleiwitz contemporary artwork painting
Gregor Gleiwitz 02.10.2021, 2021 Oil on canvas
34.8 x 28.8 cm
SETAREH Contact Gallery
29.11.2021 by Gregor Gleiwitz contemporary artwork painting
Gregor Gleiwitz 29.11.2021, 2021 Oil on canvas
58 x 50.2 cm
SETAREH Contact Gallery
15.09.2021 by Gregor Gleiwitz contemporary artwork painting, works on paper
Gregor Gleiwitz 15.09.2021, 2021 Oil on canvas
218 x 160.5 cm
SETAREH Contact Gallery
22.06.2020 by Gregor Gleiwitz contemporary artwork painting
Gregor Gleiwitz 22.06.2020, 2020 Oil on canvas
156.5 x 134 cm
SETAREH Contact Gallery
25.03.2022 by Gregor Gleiwitz contemporary artwork painting
Gregor Gleiwitz 25.03.2022, 2022 Oil on canvas
230.9 x 181.9 cm
SETAREH Contact Gallery
06.04.2021 by Gregor Gleiwitz contemporary artwork painting
Gregor Gleiwitz 06.04.2021, 2021 Oil on canvas
118.8 x 87 cm
SETAREH Contact Gallery

Gregor Gleiwitz Recent Exhibitions

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Gregor Gleiwitz Represented By

SETAREH contemporary art gallery in Düsseldorf, Germany
SETAREH Berlin, Düsseldorf

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