b. 1953, Malaysia

Kumari Nahappan Biography

In the short span of little over a decade, Kumari has exhibited in her home base, Singapore, as well as Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Bangladesh, Australia, Korea and New York. Concurrently, the last 15 years saw kumari holding roles as a lecturer, supervisor, and an external assessor for postgraduate students at LASALLE-SIA College of Arts, Singapore.

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Using simple composition and strong vibrant colours, kumari’s abstract works are philosophical, reflecting on “life and energy”. Her works in the last ten years have dealt with Hindu rituals, offerings and philosophy. These influences culminate in her series of red ‘energy’ paintings and chilli sculptures – the colour and spice being symbols of tremendous power and energy, whose intensity and auspicious shades are widely believed to overcome negativity.

“Less is more: You need a lot processing, but need very little to say a lot”
– Kumari on her working philosophy

Kumari Nahappan Featured Artworks

Movement 1 by Kumari Nahappan contemporary artwork sculpture
Kumari Nahappan Movement 1, 2016 Cast bronze
100 x 59.5 x 39 cm
Gajah Gallery Contact Gallery
Dawn by Kumari Nahappan contemporary artwork sculpture
Kumari Nahappan Dawn, 2017 Cast bronze
60 x 59 x 54 cm
Gajah Gallery Contact Gallery

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Gajah Gallery contemporary art gallery in Singapore Gajah Gallery Singapore, Yogyakarta

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