Kyohei Abe Biography

Artist's statement: Most of my images are built upon a formula, a structure of both space and content. I was originally trained as an architect and designer, so I tend to build compositions that are clean, well ordered, and simple in content and composition. In my creative process, I always look for juxtapositions and interrelationships that create new perceptions and new meanings. I always discover a structure, or some form of order within. I then look for a more complex system existing within the simpler structure. In the end, the results of this exchange of elemental play between images, space and myself are attractive. Photography is a medium that fosters the belief that we have the ability to preserve reality, when in fact the reality we thought to be recorded actually exists in the conceptual space between viewer and imagery. All my images are the result of combining physical construction and digital technology. They are constructed with multiple images that are individually captured, then cropped and stitched, which results in superior resolution – a perfect illusion. I feel that the result of presenting in hyper-real resolution is to draw viewers deep into my works, suspending their disbelief and dazzling at the intersection of illusion and reality. © Kyohei Abe

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