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Mike Dargas’ hyper realistic paintings bring into question our own emotional perception and understanding of humanity. Studying his subjects with an intensity that rivals Caravaggio and Dali, each piece is an intimate study that evokes the intricacies of thought, emotion and feeling. 

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Born in Cologne, Germany, in 1983, Dargas began his practice as a child, composing large-scale old master paintings in chalk on the pavement, in front of Cologne Cathedral.  Immediately recognised for his prodigious talent, at the age of eleven he was accepted into one of Cologne’s most prestigious art schools - the only child in a class full of adults. “Looking back, I'm wondering why the other grownups didn't intimidate me at all. I just went there to paint – it felt pretty natural.”

Taking inspiration from artists such as Gottfried Helnwein and H.R Giger, Dargas purses a unique form of hyperrealism in his oil paintings. Believing "faces are a mirror of our soul," his two-metre high canvases depict the close ups of people – young and old, beautiful and fragile, gentle and tough – often partially covered in dripping liquid such as honey, chocolate or molten gold. “I was searching for a material that could cover a specific ground, yet is transparent enough to see what's underneath… I was fascinated by honey as a liquid material and it became the base element.”

Mike Dargas Featured Artworks

Stormi by Mike Dargas contemporary artwork print
Mike Dargas Stormi, 2018 Limited edition archival pigment print
135 x 112 cm
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Sweet Motion by Mike Dargas contemporary artwork painting
Mike Dargas Sweet Motion, 2019 Oil on canvas
183 x 122 cm
Maddox Gallery Contact Gallery
Black and Gold by Mike Dargas contemporary artwork photography, print
Mike Dargas Black and Gold, 2018 Limited edition print
122 x 102 cm
Maddox Gallery Contact Gallery
The golden age - Dali by Mike Dargas contemporary artwork print
Mike Dargas The golden age - Dali, 2019 Screenprint with hand finishing
155 x 112 cm
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Maddox Gallery contemporary art gallery in Maddox Street, London, United Kingdom Maddox Gallery Gstaad, London, Los Angeles
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