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Wimo Bayang Biography

Wimo Ambala Bayang was born in Magelang in 1976. He studied in the Interior Design Program at the Modern School of Design and the Photography Department at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta.

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Wimo Ambala Bayang is an artist who works with photography and video. His works reflect unique perspectives on culture that are not made under a pretense to criticize, but to make us re-think the habits that seem ‘to have always been there’. History and facts, minor and major, are important aspects that must always be considered in his creative process. Wimo is always interested in finding a unique and hidden perspective from our everyday life, to encourage the audience to rethink and to question all the small things that happen in our life. Using his camera, he plays with visual reality, combining the real visual view and imagined fantasy. Wimo also tends to open up layers of different culture, bringing us to reach a common understanding of our heterogeneous contemporary society.

In 2002, Wimo founded Ruang MES 56 with friends from ISI with the same interest in visual art. Ruang MES 56 is a non-profit institution that is active in the field of photography, emphasized in the exploratory approach of contemporary photography, both in theory and practice, conceptually and contextually. Until now it has developed the discourse of the contemporary photography sphere in Indonesia through its exhibitions and projects.

In the past 5 years, Wimo participated in international artists exchanges, such as in China, Australia and Netherlands. There he explored new ideas, approaches and different contexts related to the development of contemporary photography, which influenced his decision to juxtapose photography with other disciplines in art.

Text courtesy Ark Galerie.

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