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The nomadic European biennial has the near unparsable title it matters what worlds world worlds: how to tell stories otherwise.

Manifesta 14 Pristina Announces Artists and Venues

Manifesta 14 Pristina's local team outside the Palace of Youth and Sports. Photo by Qazim Gashi. © Manifesta 14 Pristina.

The organisers of Manifesta 14 have announced new details of the upcoming exhibition, which takes place in Pristina (also spelled Prishtina), Kosovo, from 22 July to 30 October 2022.

So far, 77 artists and collectives have been announced, including international artists Ugo Rondinone, Roni Horn, Lee Bul, Tuan Andrew Nguyen, and 37 participants from Kosovo.

Participating artists will show works at 22 venues across the city, the most important of which are a former brick factory, the Grand Hotel, and the new Centre for Narrative Practice in what was formerly Hivzi Sylejmani Library.

Others include the Palace of Youth and Sports, the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Pristina, the National Gallery of Kosovo, Gërmia Department Store, the Observatory of Pristina, a private apartment, and the Partisans Martyrs Cemetery Monument.

Assorted artistic and urban interventions designed to reclaim public space will also take place across Pristina.

Manifesta 14 Pristina aims to examine the role storytelling plays in our collective survival. Its title is it matters what worlds world worlds: how to tell stories otherwise.

The exhibition was named by Berlin-based Australian scholar and curator Catherine Nichols, Creative Mediator of Manifesta 14 Pristina.

'Familiar narratives based on human exceptionalism, nationalist ideologies, and capitalist triumphalism, inevitably end badly,' Nichols said at a press conference announcing the show's title in October last year.

'They world worlds in which paralysis prevails over participation, and private interests prevail over public political action,' she continued. 'The question is how do we tell stories otherwise?'

'What new worlds might we world if, in the words of political philosopher Hannah Arendt, we practise thinking with an enlarged mentality, if we consciously train our imagination to go visiting?'

The full list of Manifesta 14 artists announced so far follows below. —[O]

Manifesta 14 Pristina Participants

*Presenting newly conceived work

Petrit Abazi (1983, Kosovo)
Piers Greville (1972, Australia) & Stanislava Pinchuk (1988, Ukraine)*
Astronomy Club of Kosova (Kosovo)
Bora Baboçi* (1988, Albania)
Valentina Bonizzi (1982, Italy)
Anna Bromley*(1971, Germany)
Luz Broto* (1982, Spain)
Lee Bul (1964, Korea)
Lúa Coderch (1982, Peru)
Ilir Dalipi* (1981, Kosovo)
Yael Davids* (1968, Israel)
Cevdet Erek*(1974, Turkey)
Jakup Ferri (1981, Kosovo)
Foundation 17* (Kosovo)
Núria Güell (1981, Spain)
Driton Hajredini* (1970, Kosovo)
Artan Hajrullahu (1979, Kosovo)
Laureta Hajrullahu (1997, Serbia/Kosovo)
Petrit Halilaj* (1986, Kosovo)
Flaka Haliti* (1982, Kosovo)
Have it Collective (Kosovo)
Roni Horn (1955, USA)
Majlinda Hoxha* (1984, Kosovo)
Astrit Ismaili* (1991, Kosovo)
Fitore Isufi Shukriu–Koja (1982, Kosovo)
Hristina Ivanoska (1974, North Macedonia)
Emily Jacir (1972, Palestine)
Šejla Kamerić (1976, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
AntonetaKastrati (1981, Kosovo)
Doruntina Kastrati (1991, Kosovo)
Genti Korini* (1979, Albania)
Argjire Krasniqi (1989, Kosovo)
Edona Kryeziu (1994, Kosovo)
Katalin Ladik (1942, Hungary)
Brilant Milazimi (1994, Kosovo)
Hana Miletić (1982, Croatia)
Alketa Xhafa Mripa (1980, Kosovo)
Alban Muja* (1979, Kosovo)
Sami Mustafa* (1984, Kosovo/France)
Silvi Naçi (1981, Albania)
Natasha Nedelkova (1993, North Macedonia)
Tuan Andrew Nguyen (1976, Vietnam)
Vigan Nimani (1981, Kosovo)
Christian Nyampeta (1981, Netherlands)
Adrian Paci (1969, Albania/Italy)
Marta Popivoda (1982, Serbia)
Marubi National Museum of Photography (Albania)
Pykë Presje* (Kosovo)
Lala Raščić (1977, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
raumlaborberlin* (Germany)
Alicja Rogalska* (1979, Poland/UK)
Roma MoMa (DE/RS) with Farija Mehmeti (1978, Roma/Kosovo)
Ugo Rondinone* (1964, Switzerland)
Sahej Rahal* (1988, India)
Nusret Salihamixhiqi (1931, Kosovo)
Oral History Initiative/Secondary Archive* (Kosovo/Poland)
Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation (Poland),
Tirana Art Lab (Albania),
Ambasada Kultury (Belarus),
Meet Factory (Switzerland),
Easttoppics (Hungary),
CZKD (Serbia),
Artsvit Gallery (Ukraine)
Sekhmet Institute* (Kosovo)
Selma Selman (1991, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Driton Selmani (1987, Kosovo)
Abi Shehu (1993, Albania)
Chiharu Shiota* (1972, Japan)
Speculative Tourism* (Israel)
Starry Skies of Humanity–Raoul Schrott (1964, Austria) etal.
Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle (1960, 1954, USA)
Story Lab*(Kosovo)
tamtam* (Austria/Germany)
Miryana Todorova (1984, Bulgaria)
Vangjush Vellahu (1987, Albania)
Alije Vokshi (1945, Kosovo)
Werker Collective (Netherlands)
Sislej Xhafa* (1970, Kosovo)
Yll Xhaferi* (1988, Kosovo)
Miki Yui (1971, Japan)
Driant Zeneli* (1983, Albania)
Hana Zeqa (1988, Kosovo)
Lulzim Zeqiri* (1978, Kosovo)
Dardan Zhegrova (1991, Kosovo)

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