Chris Langlois Biography

Chris Langlois’ paintings concentrate on landscapes that are filled with vast distances and large panoramas that undoubtedly point to a sense of longing. Atmosphere and weather are the two main focal points for Langlois which he evokes through a powerful absence of colour. The aesthetic beauty of the artist’s work is manifested through the blurring technique, which denotes the collective memory and the unconscious. The artist sees the paintings as an auditory, musical response to the landscape where the narrative is the experience of being in the landscape. He juxtaposes and blends things together, abstraction and non-abstraction, real and unreal, the aesthetics of media, eg painting and photography. The Darkwood series is a continuation of that theme, of painting landscape and depicting the space and the effect it has on us, specifically exploring landscape through distortion, through photography and its limitations, and how obstructions in the field of view can twist and obscure vision.

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