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Hannes Weigert, born in Stuttgart in 1964 and raised in Munich. During his school years he began to paint, publish magazines for art and literature, and (as part of the initiative "Das Medium", which he co-founded) organize readings, exhibitions, etc. After finishing school, temporarily works as an assistant in various galleries for contemporary art in Munich. 1985 he sees an exhibition of Rudolf Steiner's "Training Sketches for Painters" at the Goetheanum near Basel. Studies in painting, anthroposophy, eurythmy and speech formation (1985-91). Subsequently lecturer, later co-director of the "Painting School at the Goetheanum" (1991-95). 1995 move to Norway. On the Hurum peninsula in the Oslofjord, the picture space "Kore's House" (1996-2003) is created in collaboration with Patrick Müllerschön. Teacher at a Waldorf school and director of a boarding school for young people (1997-2001). Organizes lectures, exhibitions and conferences on various spiritual-scientific and artistic themes as a staff member, later as a member of the board of the Anthroposophical Society in Norway (Antroposofisk Selskap i Norge) (1999-2009). International course activity. Collaboration in the Free College for Spiritual Science (2003-15). Founder and co-director of "The School of Nature" for art, aesthetics and knowledge of nature in Norway, Switzerland and Canada (2003-10). Lives and works 2006-2016 in Vidaråsen, a social therapy institution. Together with Arnkjell Ruud, Reidun Larsen and Tor Janicki he is building up the "Malerverksted" (2009-18). Since 2018 he has been in charge of the archive of "Malerverksted" (https://vidarasen.camphill.no/arkiv/category1366.html). In 2012/13, under the impression of the July 22, 2011 assassination attempt, the 77-part work "Øya" is created. In 2017/18 it is installed for one year at the Goetheanum under the title "Brentanos Studio" (http://www.hannes-weigert.com/). Since 2015, intensification of research on Rudolf Steiner's sketches for painters in the context of research colloquia and, from 2017, in the "Painters' Workshop" set up together with Miriam Wahl, first at the Goetheanum and later at Loidholdhof in Austria. Since 1989 exhibitions in private rooms, studios, schools and museums, as well as at international conferences. The exhibition "Ensemble" at the Susan Boutwell Gallery is his first in Germany.

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I paint pictures and put them next to each other. Sometimes something happens between the pictures. Situations arise. And I "curate" these situations. The fairy tale of Goethe serves as a model for this work. The situations and actions in which the characters unite are never complete, but are constantly changing - they are an expression of a purely spiritual event. This event is important to me. That is why I am interested in painting together with other artists (like with Patrick Müllerschön in "Kores Haus" or with Arnkjell Ruud in the "Malerverksted" in Vidaråsen); to see and show my own paintings in relation to those of other painters (like in the exhibitions "Rätsel" and "Ein Zimmer in rosenrotem Grundton II"); to try to connect the paintings with their surroundings in an intimate interplay (as in "Brentanos Studio" in the west staircase of the Goetheanum); to bring the painter's point of view into a large-scale conversation with other arts and sciences (as in "The School of Nature"); to enter into a dialogue with the essence of painting itself (as in the "Malerwerkstatt" in dealing with Rudolf Steiner's sketches). - I am interested in the picture as a mirror. I have the feeling that I need such a mirror so that I can perceive my own self. And I am interested in the space in the picture plane, which I try to form and to enter into by forming, so that my self can meet other spirits and souls. - For the future I have something like an "Ensemble" of painters in mind.

Hannes Weigert

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