b. 1986, Turkey

Merve Morkoç Biography

Merve Morkoç’s paintings are inspired by the culture and life of the streets, where she feels independent. For her, the internet, streets, gallery walls, paper and materials of any size can easily turn into efficient spaces. In this context, the artist is enthused by animation figures, commercials and narrative styles of urban origin that surround her.

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In her works, Morkoç is capable of creating alluring narration and forms, while keeping a characteristic distance with the viewer. Her approach can be summarized as: “Ugly as a concept, yet charming as a package”. Referring to her murals Morkoç says: “…An infinite presence is not my concern. As a matter of fact, what matters is to be able to paint on that very wall. Five years or five minutes; well, frankly, to me, it doesn’t matter at all.”  Merve Morkoç was born in 1986 and has graduated from the Department of Graphic Designs at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Her statement is a warranty of the presence of street art in her works in the gallery with all its vitality. 

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