b. 1930, Italy

Pino Manos Biography

Pino Manos was born in Sassari, Italy, in 1930.

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He moved to Milan in 1951 to attend the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, along with Enrico Castellani and Vincenzo Agnetti. A friend of Roberto Crippa, Gianni Dova, Marino Marini, Augustino Bonalumi and especially of Lucio Fontana, he adhered to the Spatialism movement.

In 1962 he was called to London, along with thirty of the most em- inent artists in Europe to be part of the Manifesto Europe 1962 Painting and Sculpture organised by the New Vision Centre Gallery as the basis of the emerging European Union.

Manos participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and other parts of the world; his works are in several private and public collections in Italy and abroad. Three of his works feature in the Nelson Rockefeller collection in New York, USA.

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