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Sunjung Kim’s Real DMZ Project Interrogates the North and South Korea Divide Ocula Conversation Sunjung Kim’s Real DMZ Project Interrogates the North and South Korea Divide

Ongoing since 2012, the Real DMZ Project interrogates the demilitarised zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea through annual, research-based exhibitions that bring together the works of Korean and international artists. Sunjung Kim, the independent curator behind the project, conceived the idea of exploring the DMZ while curating Japanese artist...

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Sydney Lowdown: Exhibitions to See Ocula Report Sydney Lowdown: Exhibitions to See 6 Sep 2019 : Elyse Goldfinch for Ocula

The fifth edition of Sydney Contemporary will take place once again at Carriageworks between 12 and 15 September 2019, with Spring 1883 bringing together a cohort of 27 galleries from across Australia and the region to inhabit rooms at the Establishment Hotel from 11 to 14 September 2019, uniquely presenting contemporary works propped up on...

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Mark Bradford’s Call for Unity at Shanghai’s Long Museum Ocula Insight | Video Mark Bradford’s Call for Unity at Shanghai’s Long Museum 16 August 2019

Mark Bradford walks through Mark Bradford: Los Angeles Mark Bradford: Los Angeles at the Long Museum West Bund in Shanghai (27 July–13 October 2019) is the artist's largest solo exhibition to date in China. In this video for Ocula, Bradford and Diana Nawi, curator of the show, walk through selected works that convey the artist's concerns with...

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Galerie Lelong & Co. New York

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Smoke Lick by Nancy Spero contemporary artwork
Nancy SperoSmoke Lick, 1974 Handprinting, gouache, and collage on paper
8 x 9.75 inches
Matière - Sofa by Antoni Tàpies contemporary artwork
Antoni TàpiesMatière - Sofa, 1990 Oil on wood
63.8 x 102.4 inches
Duna's Dream by Jaume Plensa contemporary artwork
Jaume PlensaDuna's Dream, 2015 Bronze
83 x 29.5 x 27.5 inches
Untitled by Jannis Kounellis contemporary artwork
Jannis KounellisUntitled, 1985 Painted wood on painted aluminium
39.4 x 27.6 inches
Cien Años de Soledad [No Realmente] by Alfredo Jaar contemporary artwork
Alfredo JaarCien Años de Soledad [No Realmente], 1985/2017 Neon
14 x 20 inches
Pyramid by Sarah Cain contemporary artwork
Sarah CainPyramid, 2017 Crushed glass, acrylic and gouache on music sheet
22.5 x 17 inches
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SCAI The Bathhouse

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VANITAS- BR250-4 by Reijiro Wada contemporary artwork
Reijiro WadaVANITAS- BR250-4, 2017 Aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel with brass skins
75 x 250 x 3.5 cm
Allegory V - Lead Coffin by Toshikatsu Endo contemporary artwork
Toshikatsu EndoAllegory V - Lead Coffin, 2016 Lead
100 x 345 x 100 cm
M by Daisuke Ohba contemporary artwork
Daisuke OhbaM, 2016 Acrylic on cotton
180 x 180 x 4.5 cm
untitled by Bosco Sodi contemporary artwork
Bosco Sodiuntitled, 2017 Mixed media over print
68.5 x 51.5 x 0.6 cm
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Sean Kelly

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Spirifer I by Mariko Mori contemporary artwork
Mariko MoriSpirifer I, 2017 coated acrylic, Corian base
52.38 x 19.56 x 6.62 inches
Exposed Painting Oriental Blue by Callum Innes contemporary artwork
Callum InnesExposed Painting Oriental Blue, 2017 Oil on canvas
180 x 175 inches
Untitled (Untitled (to the real Dan Hill) 1b) by Jose Dávila contemporary artwork
Jose DávilaUntitled (Untitled (to the real Dan Hill) 1b), 2015 framed archival pigment print
69.25 x 55.12 inches
Sala de Lectura Babel, by Los Carpinteros contemporary artwork
Los CarpinterosSala de Lectura Babel,, 2017 corten steel
31.62 x 29.5 x 30.5 inches
Cabana by James Casebere contemporary artwork
James CasebereCabana, 2017 framed archival pigment print mounted to dibond
66.75 x 46.62 inches
Thread and Nut 2 by Iran do Espírito Santo contemporary artwork
Iran do Espírito SantoThread and Nut 2, 2016 stainless steel
27.56 x 13.75 x 15.75 cm
Portrait of Nick Cave, Nadezhda Polovtseva by Kehinde Wiley contemporary artwork
Kehinde WileyPortrait of Nick Cave, Nadezhda Polovtseva, 2017 oil on canvas
105.31 x 81.75 inches
Anechoic Wall by Laurent Grasso contemporary artwork
Laurent GrassoAnechoic Wall, 2017 Gold leaf on wood
55.12 x 39.38 x 3.9 inches
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Simon Lee Gallery

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Sediment by Toby Ziegler contemporary artwork
Toby ZieglerSediment, 2017 Oil on aluminium
210.5 x 200 cm
Kings of Kings by Gary Simmons contemporary artwork
Gary SimmonsKings of Kings, 2017 Mixed media on canvas
73 x 63.5 cm
Scaffale - apposito contenitore (Shelves – a special container) by Michelangelo Pistoletto contemporary artwork
Michelangelo PistolettoScaffale - apposito contenitore (Shelves – a special container), 2014 Silkscreen on super mirror polished stainless steel
250 x 125 cm
"The Swan" (after Norman Parkinson Foundation) by Paulina Olowska contemporary artwork
Paulina Olowska"The Swan" (after Norman Parkinson Foundation), 2017 Oil and acrylic on canvas
220 x 170 cm
Atmosphere by Eric N. Mack contemporary artwork
Eric N. MackAtmosphere, 2017 Cotton, satin, felted blanket, silk and nylon with pins and thread
205 x 205 x 4 cm
T1980-R35 by Hans Hartung contemporary artwork
Hans HartungT1980-R35, 1980 Acrylic on canvas
180 x 180 cm
Untitled by Jeff Elrod contemporary artwork
Jeff ElrodUntitled, 2017 Acrylic paint and UV ink on canvas
274.3 x 198.1 cm
Wall by Dexter Dalwood contemporary artwork
Dexter DalwoodWall, 2017 Oil on canvas
130 x 97 cm
Sliced Peacock Stems by Sarah Crowner contemporary artwork
Sarah CrownerSliced Peacock Stems, 2017 Acrylic on canvas, sewn
203.2 x 177.8 cm
Untitled by Hans-Peter Feldmann contemporary artwork
Hans-Peter FeldmannUntitled Oil on canvas
51 x 61 cm
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Galeria Nara Roesler

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Tony by Xavier Veilhan contemporary artwork
Xavier VeilhanTony, 2016 aluminum and polyurethane paint
175 x 67 x 50 cm
Untitled by Tomie Ohtake contemporary artwork
Tomie OhtakeUntitled, 1965 oil on canvas
120 x 100 cm
Kinetic object  KK-07 by Abraham Palatnik contemporary artwork
Abraham PalatnikKinetic object KK-07, 1966 / 2007 wood, formica, metal, acrylic, magnets and engine
119 x 35 x 35 cm
Untitled by Abraham Palatnik contemporary artwork
Abraham PalatnikUntitled, 1989 Progressive relief on duplex paperboard and wood
83.5 x 76 cm
Dance by Antonio Dias contemporary artwork
Antonio DiasDance, 1979 Cellulose with iron oxide on Nepalese paper
115 x 115 cm
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