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Jess Johnson: Worlds Within Worlds Ocula Conversation Jess Johnson: Worlds Within Worlds

Geometric patterns, anthropomorphic characters, architectural spatial environments, and relics of the ancient world appear throughout Jess Johnson's artworks.Johnson's solo art-ventures began in drawing, but her long-term collaborative relationship with animator Simon Ward brings her drawings to life in videos and virtual reality. The animator has...

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Melati Suryodarmo: Performance Art as Trigger Ocula Conversation Melati Suryodarmo: Performance Art as Trigger

In 2012, Melati Suryodarmo opened Studio Plesungan in her native Surakarta, also known as Solo, the historic royal capital of the Mataram Empire of Java in Indonesia. Suryodarmo had returned to Indonesia from Germany, where she studied Butoh and choreography with Butoh dancer and choreographer Anzu Furukawa, time-based media with avantgarde...

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Lagos Biennial 2019: Stories from Africa’s most Populous City Ocula Report Lagos Biennial 2019: Stories from Africa’s most Populous City 15 Nov 2019 : Jareh Das for Ocula

Under the direction of Folakunle Oshun, the second edition of the Lagos Biennial (26 October–23 November 2019) includes works by over 40 Lagos-based and international artists, architects, and collectives. Curated by architect Tosin Oshinowo, curator and producer Oyindamola Fakeye, and assistant curator of photography at the Art Institute of...

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Hans Hartung and Art Informel: Exhibition Walkthrough Ocula Insight | Video
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Hans Hartung and Art Informel: Exhibition Walkthrough 15 October 2019

Hans Hartung and Art Informel at Mazzoleni London (1 October 2019-18 January 2020) presents key works by the French-German painter while highlighting his connection with artists active in Paris during the 50s and 60s. In this video, writer and historian Alan Montgomery discusses Hartung's practice and its legacy.Born in Leipzig in 1904, Hans...

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rodolphe janssen

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Untitled (GUT/H 2684/01) by Gert & Uwe Tobias contemporary artwork
Gert & Uwe TobiasUntitled (GUT/H 2684/01), 2017 Coloured woodcut on canvas
185 x 135 cm (incl frame)
Miss. Kitty Redux by Sean Landers contemporary artwork
Sean LandersMiss. Kitty Redux, 2016–2017 Oil on linen
127 x 109.2 cm
Juicy Lucy by Sanam Khatibi contemporary artwork
Sanam KhatibiJuicy Lucy, 2016 Oil and pencil on canvas
160 x 200 cm
Pallets by Charles Harlan contemporary artwork
Charles HarlanPallets, 2017 Stone, wood, steel, plastic
182.9 x 91.4 x 121.9 cm
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Waddington Custot

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Added Touch by Kenneth Noland contemporary artwork
Kenneth NolandAdded Touch, 1975 Acrylic on canvas
142 x 206 x 3.8 cm
Apogee by Robert Indiana contemporary artwork
Robert IndianaApogee, 1970 Oil on canvas
152.4 x 127 cm
Untitled (to Véronique) by Dan Flavin contemporary artwork
Dan FlavinUntitled (to Véronique), 1987 Red, yellow, blue and green fluorescent light

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SCAI The Bathhouse

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VANITAS- BR250-4 by Reijiro Wada contemporary artwork
Reijiro WadaVANITAS- BR250-4, 2017 Aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel with brass skins
75 x 250 x 3.5 cm
Allegory V - Lead Coffin by Toshikatsu Endo contemporary artwork
Toshikatsu EndoAllegory V - Lead Coffin, 2016 Lead
100 x 345 x 100 cm
M by Daisuke Ohba contemporary artwork
Daisuke OhbaM, 2016 Acrylic on cotton
180 x 180 x 4.5 cm
untitled by Bosco Sodi contemporary artwork
Bosco Sodiuntitled, 2017 Mixed media over print
68.5 x 51.5 x 0.6 cm
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Lehmann Maupin

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Seascape: Floating Ocean Chunk No. 1 by Ashley Bickerton contemporary artwork
Ashley BickertonSeascape: Floating Ocean Chunk No. 1, 2017 Resin, fiberglass, oil paint, enamel, aluminum and plywood
57 x 74 x 21 inches
Wreckage Panorama by Angel Otero contemporary artwork
Angel OteroWreckage Panorama, 2017 oil skins on fabric
107 x 77 x 6 inches
Emerge or enter by Shirazeh Houshiary contemporary artwork
Shirazeh HoushiaryEmerge or enter, 2017 pencil, pigments, and white aquacryl on canvas and aluminum
47.24 x 47.24 inches
Short bag by Erwin Wurm contemporary artwork
Erwin WurmShort bag, 2017 bronze and patina
21.65 x 9.45 x 17.72 inches
Untitled (DNA Series) by Mary Corse contemporary artwork
Mary CorseUntitled (DNA Series), 2017 acrylic squares and glass microspheres in acrylic on canvas
108 x 66 inches
BEARDSTEAD by Gilbert & George contemporary artwork
Gilbert & GeorgeBEARDSTEAD, 2016 mixed media
88.98 x 75.2 inches
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Cheim & Read

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CP 12 by Al Held contemporary artwork
Al HeldCP 12, 1965-1966 Crayon on paper
24 x 17.75 inches
CP 11 by Al Held contemporary artwork
Al HeldCP 11, 1965-1966 Crayon on paper
24 x 17.75 inches
Brother II by Ron Gorchov contemporary artwork
Ron GorchovBrother II, 2017 Oil on linen
85 x 75 x 13 inches
The Space Between Garden and Eve by Adam Fuss contemporary artwork
Adam FussThe Space Between Garden and Eve, 2011 Daguerreotype
27.75 x 42.12 x 1.62 inches
Avenza Revisited by Louise Bourgeois contemporary artwork
Louise BourgeoisAvenza Revisited, 1968–1969 Bronze with silver nitrate and polished patina
17 x 41 x 35 inches
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