Li Mu Biography

In Li Mu’s performances, videos and photographic works, the artist uses basic conceptual guidelines to transform banal situations into events with heightened significance. Oscillating between or mixing the physical and the ‘base’ with a simple, fleeing sensibility, he re-writes our understanding what is desired, acceptable and congruous.  In Happy Birthday, a young girl inhabits a shallow stage outfitted with foil stars, a setting reminiscent of a child’s birthday party.  As the video unfolds, cakes are continually thrown at the girl until ultimately she and her surroundings are covered in a pastel sugary explosion.  Thus a celebratory event digresses into something, demented and primal. Li Mu has had solo exhibitions at the Zendai Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China; and has exhibited at the Platform Gallery, Beijing, China. He is currently working on a project with the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven, Holland whereby he outfits his hometown farming village with great works from the Museum’s collection.

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