b. 1961, Taiwan

Lin Hong-Wen Biography

Lin Hong-Wen is always known for his abstract expressionism of painting. His works are bright, pure and rich in poetic abstractionism, unpredictability and unlimited possibilities. In recent years, he focuses more on environmental issues and environmental installations in his artistic creation. No matter what art form he works in, he has established his personal styles. The form of artistic creation is only a communication interface between an artist and the outside world. Lin's rhetoric of abstractionism is always present, latent but powerful, in all types of his works. Such rhetoric is the result of his spiritual accumulation and refinement over the years. This exhibition is a collection of approximately over 120 works by Lin in a diverse range of categories such as painting, sculpture and installation. It is the first comprehensive presentation of Lin's works over 30 years since his debut in the Contemporary Art Trends in the Republic of China held by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 1984.

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