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b. 1964, India

Subodh Gupta Biography

Subodh Gupta was born in 1964, Khagual, Bihar, the seat of Buddhist learning. He studied at the College of Art, Patna before moving to New Delhi where he currently lives and works. Trained as a painter, he went on to experiment with a variety of media. His work has stood out in major international biennials and has been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions across Asia, Europe and America.

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Gupta is not only India’s most well-known artist, he has directed attention to some of the cultural concerns in South Asia. In a highly reductive language he combines formalism with a wry, incisive understanding of symbols and forms used in contemporary India. Village to city migration, the charged and unpredictable encounter with globalism and cultural hybridity are significant concepts in his work. As a sculptor, Gupta’s use of material is always strategic and deeply expressive of a conceptual context.

The objects he uses in his work appear as emblems, as icons which with confident simplicity codify the complex social and economic, as well as the cultural, situation of present-day India. He also tests the colonial/racial guilt and teases the aesthetic/consumerist desires of the ‘other’ Developed/Western World. The artist’s monumental sculptures and installations, created by putting together hundreds of shining stainless steel objects reflect the short circuit between ancient and modern culture, between tradition and change. 

Subodh Gupta Featured Artworks

Line of Control by Subodh Gupta contemporary artwork
Subodh GuptaLine of Control, 2008-2009Mixed media
500 x 500 x 500 cm
Arario Gallery Enquire about this work
Untitled by Subodh Gupta contemporary artwork
Subodh GuptaUntitled, 2011Oil on canvas
152 x 152 cm
Hauser & Wirth Enquire about this work

Subodh Gupta Recent Exhibitions

Contemporary art exhibition, Group Exhibition, Portable Art. A Project by Celia Forner at Hauser & Wirth, Los Angeles
23 June–12 August 2018 Group Exhibition Portable Art. A Project by Celia Forner Hauser & WirthLos Angeles

Subodh Gupta Represented By

Arario Gallery contemporary art gallery in Seoul, South Korea Arario Gallery Cheonan, Seoul, Shanghai
Hauser & Wirth contemporary art gallery in Hong Kong Hauser & Wirth Hong Kong, Zurich, London, New York, Los Angeles, Somerset, Gstaad, St. Moritz

Subodh Gupta In Ocula Magazine

Subodh Gupta Ocula Conversation Subodh Gupta By Tess Maunder, Mumbai

Subodh Gupta was born in 1964 in Bihar and now lives and works in Gurgaon, India. Despite training as a painter at the College of Art and Craft in Patna, Gupta is today mostly known for working with everyday objects that are ubiquitous throughout India, such as the mass-produced steel kitchen utensils that millions of Indian families own, and his...

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Serge Tiroche Ocula Conversation Serge Tiroche By Anna Dickie, Hong Kong

With an ultra slick website that enables easy navigation of its 400 plus artworks from many of the leading artists of today, the Tiroche DeLeon Collection is unique in its focus and ownership structure. Established in 2011 by Serge Tiroche and Russ DeLeon, the collection is focused on artworks by both recognised masters, and emerging talent from...

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The India Art Fair (IAF) is usually a maze. Even with a map in hand and a purpose in mind, one can easily get lost or distracted. Often one meanders while trying to locate that elusive booth, which only leads to happy and unexpected discoveries. You might suddenly be caught unaware by a gem, while sipping tea.

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An interview with Subodh Gupta Related Press An interview with Subodh Gupta 14 November 2016, The Artling

One of India’s leading contemporary artists, Subodh Gupta is well-known for his massive sculptures and installations assembled from common everyday objects he has become fond of since his childhood. Stainless steel tiffin carriers, brass water utensils, and bicycles are collected en masse and transformed into minimalistic, universalist...

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Cow patties, milk pails and utensils: India’s Subodh Gupta and the everyday divine Related Press Cow patties, milk pails and utensils: India’s Subodh Gupta and the everyday divine 20 June 2016, Art Radar Journal

From 13 May to October 2016 the National Gallery of Victoria presents Subodh Gupta: Everyday Divine, a solo exhibition by well-known contemporary Indian artist Subodh Gupta. The works are on loan from the private collection of New York-based art collector Larry Warsh.

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