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Hito Steyerl: How To Build a Sustainable Art World Ocula Conversation Hito Steyerl: How To Build a Sustainable Art World

'A Picture of War is Not War', we read in Hito Steyerl's iconic film November (2004), an essayistic Super 8 film tackling the definition of terrorism constructed around the figure of the artist's best friend Andrea Wolf, who was killed as a terrorist in 1998 in Eastern Anatolia after she joined the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party). Mixing documentary...

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Aichi to Okayama: Art in Japan Looks to the Future Ocula Report Aichi to Okayama: Art in Japan Looks to the Future 11 Oct 2019 : Stephanie Bailey for Ocula

There has been a flurry of triennial and biennial art activity in Japan this year. The Aichi Triennale opened in Nagoya this August, sparking a national debate about the shutting down of a display of formerly censored works—the result of public backlash against a burnt image of Emperor Hirohito and a statue commemorating the women forced into...

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Hans Hartung and Art Informel: Exhibition Walkthrough Ocula Insight | Video
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Hans Hartung and Art Informel: Exhibition Walkthrough 15 October 2019

Hans Hartung and Art Informel at Mazzoleni London (1 October 2019-18 January 2020) presents key works by the French-German painter while highlighting his connection with artists active in Paris during the 50s and 60s. In this video, writer and historian Alan Montgomery discusses Hartung's practice and its legacy.Born in Leipzig in 1904, Hans...

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Pipilotti Rist

b. 1962, Switzerland

Pipilotti Rist is a Swiss moving image, sculpture and installation artist born in Grabs, Switzerland. In the early- to mid-1980s she studied commercial art, illustration and photography at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, and then video at The Basel School of Design. From 1988 to 1994 she was also a member of the pop music/performance group Les Reines Prochaines.

Rist's international profile skyrocketed when she was selected for the 1997 Venice Biennale and then won the Premio 2000 prize for her video Ever is Over All, which showed her walking down a city street smashing the windows of parked cars with a large flower. More recent awards she has won include the Prix Meret Oppenheim (2014) and the Joan Miró Prize (2009).

Rist is now widely acclaimed for her immersive installations that merge organic video projections, music, internal architecture, drapes and furniture. Her upbeat, intensely colourful, light-filled practice—which often references childhood, unexpected scale and pantheism as well as female sexuality—has a distinctly elemental and visceral nature, as well as humour and optimism. The projections are often 'painterly' in the sense of using saturated hues, blurring, patterning, inserted forms and distortion.

In a recent conversation with Ocula Magazine (co-ordinated with her show at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney), she discussed her use of scale:

'How we perceive scale is completely relative. ... In my work, I am referring to inner human worlds, often most active when you feel safe. When you are in a bed, or your home as a symbol of civilisation which is a protection from the natural extremes of temperature, wind, rain and snow. ... The piece I did with the oversized, red living room had visitors sinking back into something they weren't really aware of anymore; sitting in that huge armchair made you remember the time when everything used to be too big and too high, but it was also a time when you knew: it's all mine. For children, the whole world belongs to them. People acted as if the museum was an extended living room. I like that.'

Rist is obviously not interested in lining her works up in a row in an extended linear plane like paintings spread out on a long wall to be contemplated in individual viewer isolation:

'...I treat collective rooms—such as museums—as a space to invite visitors' whole bodies; a space where groups of people who don't know each other can spend time in a common surrounding. ... for my practice it makes no sense to ignore the three-dimensional space and limit the possible posture of just standing on two feet, as well as neglecting the possibilities of the ceiling.'

Because her work is sensual, bodily and emotional, Rist has over the years had many highly popular large surveys and public commissions. These shows include Pipilotti Rist: Sip my Ocean, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney (2017–18); Open My Glade (Flatten), Midnight Moment, Times Square, New York (2017); Tactile Lights, Kunsthaus Zürich (2016); Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest, New Museum, New York (2016–17); Your Saliva is my Diving Suit in the Ocean of Pain, Kunsthaus Zürich (2016); Gentle Wave in Your Eye Fluid, Guang Dong Times Museum, Guangzhou, China (2013); and Spear to Heaven, Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul (2012).

In 2009 Rist released Pepperminta—her own full-length feature film about a strong-willed 'anarchist of the imagination'—for festivals and various theatres. In this surrealist presentation Pepperminta (Ewelina Guzik) fearlessly lives according to her own codes, inhabiting her own heightened, rainbow-coloured universe alongside two friends—a reflection of the artist's practice, as you'd expect.

Biography by John Hurrell | Ocula | 2018
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Featured Artworks

Trust me by Pipilotti Rist contemporary artwork
Pipilotti RistTrust me, 2016 Neon, 120V supply
10.8 x 45.7 x 5 cm
Hauser & Wirth

Recent Exhibitions

Contemporary art exhibition, Group Exhibition, Portable Art. A Project by Celia Forner at Hauser & Wirth, Los Angeles
23 June–12 August 2018 Group Exhibition Portable Art. A Project by Celia Forner Hauser & Wirth, Los Angeles

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Pipilotti Rist Ocula Conversation Pipilotti Rist Artist, Switzerland

Pipilotti Rist configures sensory and colour-saturated universes that transport the viewer into hyper-visual sequences of moving image, film, and objects. Between 1 November 2017 and 18 February 2018, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia in Sydney presents Rist's major new exhibition Sip My Ocean (1 November 2017–18 February 2018), expertly...

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The trouble with [AR]T—an augmented reality initiative produced by Apple in collaboration with the New Museum—began when I tried to get tickets. Because it was framed as a free public art experience, I thought that the [AR]T Walk would be easily accessible, like a drop-in guided tour at a museum. But Apple's home page offered no...

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The domestic dreamscapes of Pipilotti Rist Related Press The domestic dreamscapes of Pipilotti Rist Wallpaper* : 5 June 2019

Taking place at Denmark's Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which had been a nobleman's country house before its modernist additions and its transformation into a cultural hub, the exhibition feels eerily like home.

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Pipilotti Rist Brings Out the Weirdness of Being Human Related Press Pipilotti Rist Brings Out the Weirdness of Being Human Hyperallergic : 1 June 2019

HUMLEBÆK, Denmark — A blond woman is trapped inside a screen on the wall. Titled Open My Glade (Flatten) (2000), this is the first artwork viewers see when they walk into Pipilotti Rist's current exhibition at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art outside Copenhagen. The woman is Rist, the artist herself. As she smushes her lipstick-smeared face...

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Strange Days review – fishy kisses, naked prancing and ribald revenge Related Press Strange Days review – fishy kisses, naked prancing and ribald revenge The Guardian : 3 October 2018

Strange Days: Memories of the Future is overwhelming: complex, at times annoying and confusing, repetitive, uplifting and baffling. Like life, really. Films and videos by 21 artists are spread over three floors of the Store X on London's Strand.

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