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Art Basel 2022: In Photos

By Charlie Hui

Art Basel returns with an exciting line-up of international galleries and a show-stopping presentations. View images of the art, the people and the atmosphere on the fair's opening day.

Art Basel 2022:  In Photos

Pace Gallery, Art Basel (16–19 June 2022). Courtesy Ocula. Photo: Charlie Hui, Viswerk.

Ocula News Art Basel in Basel 2022: Seven Sublime Booths Basel, 15 June 2022

Art Basel's return to Switzerland has exceeded expectations with Ocula Advisors describing great energy and a truly international gathering of high-calibre collectors. We asked seven galleries—Buchmann, Cardi, Eigen + Art, Kate MacGarry, Kerlin, Marian Goodman, and ShanghART—to share what they're showing to meet the moment.

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