Lan-Chiann Wu Biography

Born and raised in Taiwan, Lan-Chiann Wu studied at the Chinese Culture University in Taipei, Taiwan. She holds an MA from New York University’s Fine Art Department. Lan-Chiann has exhibited and lectured on the subject of Chinese ink painting in the Los Angeles area, San Francisco, and well as in New York, Taiwan and Japan. Lan-Chiann has received numerous prizes and awards, and she currently lives and works in California.

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Inspired by universal themes that connect people across time and space, Lan-Chiann creates work that centres on exploring the meaning of life. She uses an array of expressive devices to create images that contains both emotional intensity and a sense of surreal physical space. Lan-Chiann blends eastern and western modes of representation into a distinctly authentic style that is marked by decisive brushwork and delicate application of colour. Thus, conceptually as well as aesthetically, Lan-Chiann’s hauntingly beautiful art bridges distinctive cultures across time and space.

Text courtesy Michael Goedhuis.

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