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(1946 – 2004), Philippines

Pacita Abad Ocula Magazine

Joselina Cruz Ocula Conversation Joselina Cruz By Stephanie Bailey, Manila

Since 2011, Joselina Cruz has been the director and curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MCAD), De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, Manila, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2018 with a series of programmes and special exhibitions, starting with Flatlands (7 December 2017–4 March 2018). A group show with James...

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Pacita Abad’s Artwork ‘Stained Glass’ up for Grabs Ocula Insight
In collaboration with Asia Art Archive
Pacita Abad’s Artwork ‘Stained Glass’ up for Grabs By Sherry Paik, Hong Kong

Small, circular mirrors glint from rings of colour—green, dark green, and pale pink from inside out—while sprightly brushstrokes of red, yellow, and green acrylic paint compose the background. This painted collage, titled Stained Glass (2000), is the work of the late Pacita Abad; it was donated by the artist's estate for Asia Art...

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