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Bani Abidi: ‘What you see in my films is what I know’ Ocula Conversation Bani Abidi: ‘What you see in my films is what I know’

A group of voices accompanies me in the exhibition. They are singing words I cannot comprehend, yet the warm tunes are familiar: folk songs, love songs, songs of longing. There are letters, too. They speak of the quotidian details of a soldier's life: the hardness of the war, sending money to the family, and longing for familiar landscapes, food,...

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Aichi to Okayama: Art in Japan Looks to the Future Ocula Report Aichi to Okayama: Art in Japan Looks to the Future 11 Oct 2019 : Stephanie Bailey for Ocula

There has been a flurry of triennial and biennial art activity in Japan this year. The Aichi Triennale opened in Nagoya this August, sparking a national debate about the shutting down of a display of formerly censored works—the result of public backlash against a burnt image of Emperor Hirohito and a statue commemorating the women forced into...

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Hans Hartung and Art Informel: Exhibition Walkthrough Ocula Insight | Video
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Hans Hartung and Art Informel: Exhibition Walkthrough 15 October 2019

Hans Hartung and Art Informel at Mazzoleni London (1 October 2019-18 January 2020) presents key works by the French-German painter while highlighting his connection with artists active in Paris during the 50s and 60s. In this video, writer and historian Alan Montgomery discusses Hartung's practice and its legacy.Born in Leipzig in 1904, Hans...

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Lehmann Maupin

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Secret Garden by Do Ho Suh contemporary artwork
Do Ho SuhSecret Garden, 2012 Mixed media with digital animation
140 x 100 x 160 cm
A Day in May by Robin Rhode contemporary artwork
Robin RhodeA Day in May, 2013 Mounted C-Prints
Variable dimensions
Man on Icy Sea - Ahab by Billy Childish contemporary artwork
Billy ChildishMan on Icy Sea - Ahab, 2012 Oil and charcoal on linen
183 x 274.5 cm
Eyeball Painting 2 by Ashley Bickerton contemporary artwork
Ashley BickertonEyeball Painting 2, 2013 Mixed media
128.3 x 149.9 x 14 cm
Exotic Lands No.13 by Liu Wei contemporary artwork
Liu WeiExotic Lands No.13, 2013 Wood, doors, iron
200 x 190 x 5 cm
Untitled by Ashley Bickerton contemporary artwork
Ashley BickertonUntitled, 2013 Oil paint, fiberglass, resin, archival digital print on wood and canvas with mother of pearl and
128.3 x 152.4 x 14 cm
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Sprüth Magers

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I am arrested by Jenny Holzer contemporary artwork
Jenny HolzerI am arrested, 2013 Oil on linen
147.3 x 111.8 x 3.8 cm
Queen City by Cyprien Gaillard contemporary artwork
Cyprien GaillardQueen City, 2012 Beer label, archival press photograph, cropping marks
20.5 x 25.5 cm
Yellow Seated Woman by George Condo contemporary artwork
George CondoYellow Seated Woman, 2006 Oil on canvas
138 x 118 cm
Silent Thoughts by George Condo contemporary artwork
George CondoSilent Thoughts, 2009 Oil on linen
101.6 x 96.5 cm
Double Stretch by Richard Artschwager contemporary artwork
Richard ArtschwagerDouble Stretch, 1990 Acrylic on celotex and wood
133.4 x 231.8 x 7.6 cm
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Project 88

Gallery Info
Surveyor by Rohini Devasher contemporary artwork
Rohini DevasherSurveyor, 2013 Colour pencil on archival pigment print - museum etching paper
58.4 x 101.6 cm
Forthcoming Titles by Raqs Media Collective contemporary artwork
Raqs Media CollectiveForthcoming Titles, 2012 Books, jacket cover designs, frames (set of 9 framed books and 1 empty frame)
Variable dimensions
Untitled by Neha Choksi contemporary artwork
Neha ChoksiUntitled, 2009 Ceramic
50.8 x 45.7 x 15.2 cm
Houseplant and sun quotation 10 by Neha Choksi contemporary artwork
Neha ChoksiHouseplant and sun quotation 10, 2012 Sunlight exposed hand-made palladium prints paired with digital prints
52 x 88.9 cm
Untitled by Somnath Hore contemporary artwork
Somnath HoreUntitled, 1947 Wood-cut
7.6 x 19 cm
People to be Resembling by The Otolith Group contemporary artwork
The Otolith GroupPeople to be Resembling, 2013 HD video, colour, sound, 16:9, English
Variable dimensions
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