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Sharjah Biennial 14: Leaving the Echo Chamber Ocula Report Sharjah Biennial 14: Leaving the Echo Chamber 15 Mar 2019 : Stephanie Bailey for Ocula

In Meiro Koizumi's three-channel video installation, The Angels of Testimony (2019), the central frame features an interview with Hajime Kondo about his time as a solider of the Imperial Japanese Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War. The conversation centres on war crimes perpetrated in China, including the beheading of Chinese prisoners for...

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Diana Campbell Betancourt Ocula Conversation Diana Campbell Betancourt

Diana Campbell Betancourt is a curator working predominantly across South and Southeast Asia. Since 2013 she has been the founding artistic director of the Samdani Art Foundation and chief curator of the Dhaka Art Summit in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a transnational art event that has grown in size and scale ever since its first edition in 2012. Backed by...

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Chinternet Ugly at Manchester’s Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art Ocula Report Chinternet Ugly at Manchester’s Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art 7 Mar 2019 : Mike Pinnington for Ocula

China, home to 802 million internet users, is subject to sophisticated online censorship. This shrouded state of affairs, unsurprisingly perhaps, serves to reinforce stereotypes around conformity elsewhere. Any realm, digital or otherwise, subject to such strict scrutiny must necessarily be bland and uncritical, right? I was mulling over such...

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The Armory Show 2019 Ocula Photolog The Armory Show 2019 11 March 2019

'The Armory Show features presentations by leading international galleries, innovative artist commissions and dynamic public programs. Since its founding in 1994, The Armory Show has served as a nexus for the art world, inspiring dialogue, discovery and patronage in the visual arts.' –The Armory Show Press Release (March 2019).

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Independent New York 2019 Ocula Photolog Independent New York 2019 11 March 2019

'Independent New York's selected participants represent the art world's most creative and inspired curatorial visions from a cross-section of emerging, mid-career and established programs from around the world. Independent is curating a forum that is an authentic reflection of the gallery landscape and encourages innovative approaches to fair...

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Nari Ward Ocula Conversation Nari Ward

Nari Ward has witnessed his neighbourhood transform. Harlem, once neglected and teeming with creative energy but rampant with drugs, crime, and wreckage, has become home to organic groceries, high-end cafés, and high-income housing. It is a symptom of many gentrifying neighbourhoods in New York, whereby high-earning populations replace lower-income...

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Armory Week Lowdown: Shows to See Ocula Report Armory Week Lowdown: Shows to See 2 Mar 2019 : Sharmistha Ray for Ocula

The Armory Show opens to the public on 7 March (running to 10 March 2019)—just about a week after the fair relocated a portion of its 194 exhibitors due to structural issues found in Pier 92, forcing its sister fair Volta to cancel its 2019 show so that Armory could occupy its Pier 90 venue. Despite the upheaval, New York's art week is going...

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Net Art's Archival Poetics at the New Museum Ocula Report Net Art's Archival Poetics at the New Museum 23 Feb 2019 : Banyi Huang for Ocula

How should net art be classified, historicised, and exhibited, when time has elapsed between its initial production and its latter presentation? On view at the New Museum from 22 January to 26 May 2019, The Art Happens Here: Net Art's Archival Poetics presents 16 seminal artworks from Net Art Anthology, an ambitious two-year initiative undertaken...

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Bob Monk Ocula Conversation Bob Monk

Born in 1923 to European immigrants in Washington D.C., Richard Artschwager is a sculptor and painter known for his enigmatic and idiosyncratic style that straddles various movements, yet belongs to none. He studied biology and mathematics at Cornell University and, after a stint in the army in World War II, pursued art as an interest while...

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Asia Contemporary Art Week 2018 Ocula Photolog
In partnership with Asia Contemporary Art Week
Asia Contemporary Art Week 2018 18 September 2018

As a remarkable testimony to the field's growing prominence in New York and the art scene at large, the 13th edition of Asia Contemporary Art Week highlights 150+ acclaimed and emerging artists through timely exhibitions and retrospectives by individual artists and artist collectives from recent to modern history, along with ACAW's newly conceived...

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New York Autumn Exhibitions: The Lowdown Ocula Report New York Autumn Exhibitions: The Lowdown 14 Sep 2018 : Jareh Das for Ocula

The autumn exhibition season has officially kicked off in New York, with countless solo and group exhibitions featuring emerging, mid-career, and established artists, with some exhibiting works in the US for the first time. With a host of exhibitions to choose from, including a series of stellar museum exhibitions whose runs are nearing completion,...

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One Hand Clapping at the Guggenheim Museum, New York Ocula Report One Hand Clapping at the Guggenheim Museum, New York 31 Aug 2018 : David Xu Borgonjon for Ocula

In the catalogue for One Hand Clapping, the final in a trilogy of commission-based shows focusing on art from Greater China organised by the Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation and the Guggenheim Museum New York (4 May–21 October 2018), curator Xiaoyu Weng poses what she admits is a provocative question to consulting curator Hou Hanru: 'Do you think...

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Catherine Sullivan Ocula Conversation Catherine Sullivan Artist

Catherine Sullivan's artistic practice crosses genres and histories of art, theatre, movement, and performance, with poetry, literature, sound and popular culture, taking the actor as medium in the process. A former actor herself, Sullivan attended the California Institute of the Arts and the Art Center College of Design where she studied under...

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Laure Prouvost Ocula Conversation Laure Prouvost Artist

Laure Prouvost's most recent exhibition in New York at Lisson Gallery (9 March–14 April 2018) was a gesamtkunstwerk of sorts. The show spread through the entire 10th Avenue gallery space and included two years of artistic production: installation, sculpture, painting, textile, sound and moving image. Uncle's Travel Agency Franchise, Deep Travel...

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Frieze New York: Running the Course Ocula Report Frieze New York: Running the Course 11 May 2018 : Paul Laster for Ocula

There's no better way to kick off a marathon week of art fairs and other related activities than to hear a living artist discuss their new work: a reminder of what's at the very core of the art world, and it's not just the buying and selling, but the opportunity to have a dialogue with art.On Tuesday morning in New York, a day before Frieze opened...

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The Lowdown: shows to see during Frieze week Ocula Report The Lowdown: shows to see during Frieze week 27 Apr 2018 : Robert Ayers for Ocula

With Frieze New York returning to Randall's Island Park from 4 to 6 May 2018, Ocula is on hand to offer a selection of exhibitions around the city, from Bushwick and the LES to Chelsea, Midtown and the Upper East Side.Exhibition view: Before the Fall: German and Austrian Art of the 1930s, Neue Galerie New York (8 March–28 May 2018). Courtesy Neue...

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Songs for Sabotage: the 4th New Museum Triennial Ocula Report Songs for Sabotage: the 4th New Museum Triennial 20 Apr 2018 : David Xu Borgonjon for Ocula

Songs for Sabotage, the fourth edition of the New Museum Triennial (13 February–27 May 2018) curated by Gary Carrion-Murayari and Alex Gartenfeld, assembles a group of works that, according to the curatorial statement, represent 'models for dismantling and replacing the political and economic networks that envelop today's global youth.' Sabotage...

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Snowed Under: Armory Week 2018 Ocula Report Snowed Under: Armory Week 2018 16 Mar 2018 : Kat Herriman for Ocula

At the opening of the seventh edition of the Spring/Break Art Show (6–12 March 2018), people were already talking about the blizzard. The neon lights glaring through the windows at number 4 Times Square gave the former floors of Condé Nast an atmosphere of urgency. The exhibition platform, which hosts curator-led projects, seemed as guerilla as its...

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ADAA The Art Show 2018 Ocula Photolog ADAA The Art Show 2018 5 March 2018

The Art Show's 72 presentations were selected from the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) member galleries across the country, providing audiences with high-quality presentations of works from the 19thcentury through today, by artists of a variety of genres, practices, and national and international origin, including several presentations...

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The Lowdown: shows to see during Armory Week Ocula Report The Lowdown: shows to see during Armory Week 1 Mar 2018 : Robert Ayers for Ocula

Seasoned visitors to New York City's Armory Show (8–11 March 2018) know that the fair is really just the weekend-long cherry on top of the splendid sundae that is the New York art scene and all it has to offer. With so much else to see, here's the lowdown on some of the city's current standout shows.Songs for SabotageNew Museum 13 February–27...

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Theater of the World: Art and China after 1989 Ocula Report Theater of the World: Art and China after 1989 13 Dec 2017 : David Xu Borgonjon for Ocula

Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World (6 October 2017–7 January 2018) is a survey exhibition of 'Chinese contemporary art' that studiously avoids the phrase. Curated by Alexandra Munroe, Philip Tinari and Hou Hanru, it coils chronologically up the entirety of the Guggenheim Museum's rotunda. Bisecting this spiral is Hong Kong video art...

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Gilbert & George Ocula Conversation Gilbert & George Artists, United Kingdom

'Extraordinary!' is how George periodically punctuates his sentences, like a West Country boy still blinded by the city lights. Gilbert occasionally echoes him—his R's rolling off the Dolomites of his youth. Despite living in London's Spitalfields for half a century, no detail of urban life ceases to astound their collective curiosity. At...

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ACAW FIELD MEETING Take 5: Thinking Projects Ocula Report ACAW FIELD MEETING Take 5: Thinking Projects 10 Nov 2017 : Tianyuan Deng for Ocula

'Be a dreamer, not a screamer'. So urged Vietnam-based artist Tiffany Chung as she re-mapped the movements of refugees across national fault lines in her lecture-performance for FIELD MEETING Take 5: Thinking Projects, the fifth iteration of Asia Contemporary Art Week's (ACAW) annual signature forum in New York (14–15 October 2017), this year...

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Armory Week 2017: The satellite fairs Ocula Report Armory Week 2017: The satellite fairs 9 Mar 2017 : Robert Ayers for Ocula

To say that this year's Armory Week satellite fairs were all over the map would be true in both a geographical and metaphorical sense. From Volta (immediately next door to the Armory Show on Pier 90) to Art on Paper (a mile's walk from the East Broadway subway station), not to mention the six others in between, anyone trying to see everything would...

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Luc Tuymans Ocula Conversation Luc Tuymans Artist, Belgium

With over 120 solo shows, and 600 group shows on his curriculum vitae, Luc Tuymans is credited by critics such as Peter Schjeldahl with having contributed to the revival of painting, which misguided critics have been eulogising since 1839, when the French painter Paul Delaroche declared it dead. After studying art history at Vrije Universiteit...

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Top 5 booths at Frieze New York 2016 Ocula Report Top 5 booths at Frieze New York 2016 13 May 2016 : Brienne Walsh for Ocula

A trip to Frieze New York requires a full day’s devotion. Located on Randall’s Island, a mostly uninhabited strip of land in the middle of the East River, the fair included over 200 booths clustered underneath a sprawling, light-filled white tent. The sheer magnitude of the offerings makes it impossible to actually see everything...

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Frieze New York 2016 Ocula Photolog Frieze New York 2016 7 May 2016

Featuring more than 200 galleries from 31 countries for its fifth edition,Frieze New York showcasesan extraordinary cross-section of work, from the newly discovered to contemporary masters. On view in Randall’s Island Park from May 5–8, the fair provides an immersive cultural experience overlooking the East River.

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